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hey folks, especially andre.  todd reynolds back from a year off the
list.  though i did not previously contribute that much before, quite
possibly i'll be back with a vengeance now.  i'm looping my ass off, and
making a new record, violin only.  still in the process of throwing
stuff up against the wall,  looking for an echoplex.  just working with
a jamman at this point.  looking to recover major events of the past
year.  andre, haven't talked with you since seeing you at the reich
concert.    best to all, and looking forward to more looping madness.


Todd Reynolds                                    "paint as you like, and
die happy"   -   henry miller
500B Grand St.  11G
New York, NY  10002

212 475-8559  phone
917 861-1755  cell, pager, et al.