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Re: Godflesh

for you godflesh fans out there you might want to check out Skullflower, 
seem to be into a darker, drone, loop sound without all the guteral
grunt/singing that godflesh does.

On Mon, 16 Aug 1999, damon baker wrote:

[.>>> Any Godflesh fans out there?  I'm just sitting here listening to 
"Love and
[.>>> Hate In Dub" and thinking about Justin K Broadrick's "Final" side 
[.>>> So, if you are a fan SPEAK UP!!
[.the various remixes and such that ended up at the end of albums and at 
[.bsides of singles are beautiful. what other stuff like that has Justin
[.Broadrick done? i've really enjoyed the drone/noise/loop aspects of
[.godflesh (i work as a DJ at an NPR station doing an ambient/"new age" 
[.show, i played the remix of "don't bring me flowers" offa merciless and 
[.a very postive response, just goes to show that people will often give
[.something a fair shake if it's presented in the right context:) thanks
[.damon baker