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Re: MPX-G2, FireworX...and Pluggo!

In a message dated 8/15/99 2:48:53 AM, wedgehed@yahoo.com writes:

>Does the G2 limit you as to the number of times an
>effect can be used within a preset? I seem to recall
>reading reviews on both the G2 & the T.C.E. Fireworx
>that indicated that you could only have one delay per

Howdy, John, et al;
The G2 allows only one delay per preset.  But, besides Chorus, Delay, 
and the analog gain section, there's two "Effect" blocks, which both have 
same collection of algorithms, with the exception that  block 1  also has 
some pitch algos.  Any of the shared algos (panning, volume, filters, 
comp, a few digital distortions, univybe, eqs...) could be selected twice, 
assuming you've got  processing power still available.  But not delay, 

The FireworX is a different story. Certain algos CAN be inserted twice, 
including the Synth, Delay, Panner, and Chorus/Flanger. You can even 
up to 3 dynamic blocks. Perhaps you're thinking of the G-Force, which only 
allows one each of it's 8 block types? The advantage it has, tho, is that 
can always use all eight block if you want, so you never get "out of 
messages...something that happens all too frequently with the other two.

The tc stuff also has the most wonderful interface and extensive mod 
of any processors I've seen...and they've recently released a VST app. for 
the Mac called Spark, which duplicates the block grid from the 
in software.  Any VST plug-ins, up to 20, can be patched and linked the 
way as blocks  in their harware processors. I'm salivating over using this 
set-up with Cycling '74's Pluggo collection of 74 wacko VST processors to 
create a virtual super-FireworX for under $500...WAY too much cool stuff 
around these days!