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>    BTW can anyone tell me what the frequency response of the Headrush is
>vs. the Boomerang? I'm too busy to jump over web sites and dig up owners
>manuals, etc.

I believe that, of all the devices under discussion recently, these two
actually represent the extremes.  The Headrush is 20 kHz bandwidth and the
'Rang is, as I recall, about 8 kHz.  'Rang users?  If this is a matter of
concern, let me reiterate that the Headrush is sweet in that respect.

Also should note that CNPT@aol.com dropped me a message that the current
Sam Ash flyer lists the Zoom 2100 at $99--go for it, guys!  Price
apparently good through Saturday.  And not to neglect this context, the
2100 ought to be about 13-14 kHz....

David Myers