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Re: Phasers

>>> <Nemoguitt@aol.com> 08/16 10:11 AM >>>
> all of this gear lust talk reminded me that about 2 years ago a
buddie gave 
> me an DeArmond "Twister" phase shifter, i have never used it till 
> today.......once again the question arises, when will i start
making music 
> rather than trying out every combination of sound twisting, warping
> that i can get my grubby little hands on........can you indeed make
a silk 
> purse out of a sows ear?........:).......michael

Hello MichaelNotMiko!

You know... I often feel that way about my gear, but Saturday at a
recording jam, I found, once again, that when engaged in a real
playing situation, that you indeed use your tools to achieve a musical
(hopefully) end. It depends on how prepared you are to just play and
stomp and go with what you've got at the moment... You've got to relax
and let it all hang out!

Hard work goes into getting your sounds just right... You want plenty
of tools for your improv vernacular. Whether they're electronic toys
or just hands on instrument... You're going to have to put plenty of
time into technique if you want to speak fluently. When you're finally
on the spot playing... Behold!.. Silk!!! Purse!!! Cow dung!!! Noise...
and hopefully the Muse looking over you shoulder!

A final note: Thank you a million times over for the Chain Tape
project! I'm waiting for my shot at the miniatures tape now

Best Regards,

Miko Biffle      "Running scared from all the usual distractions..."