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Re: rack vs. floor multi-FX

Don't really know your boxes in particular but here's my experience,

I use a multi-rack unit (Korg A1) plus a bunch of stomp box's. I like the
sound of both for different reasons and simplicity has never really been
my goal though by building a pedal board I have achieved some ease of set
up. For the A1 I have the satellite controller and I get the sound (which
I love) of the rack and the ease of foot control.

I have three different channels with different characteristics that I can
switch between and I wanted to be able to loop using them all. Two of the
channels were mono and one was stereo.

I run everything through a mackie 1202 right before the power amp then
use the send to the Oberheim EDP and return it to the mackie. I do loose
stereo on the loops but I get everything into the looper. I used to use a
6 channel Rane line mixer but it didn't have sends and I really find them

If your of the resource to get another looper and stereo was a priority
you could use this same setup with a mixer w/ a stereo send.

==Korg A1============Mixer
                                      Amp Chanel 1<A/B/Y=<
Gutar==amp Pre amp==                                      ==Stomp line

                                       Amp channel 2==Stomp line 2==Delta
lab 1024==Mixer

Mixer==send 1==LXP 1==========return====Amp Power amp
             send 2==Oberheim EPD ==return

Michael Haumesser

Jim Carter wrote:

> Sorry to dredge up the subject of guitar FX yet again but I'd really
> appreciate an oppinion on this.
> I'm currently looking at replacing my Boss ME8 floor based multiFX
> with either a GT-3 (floor based) or GX700 (rack) processor.
> I already use a MIDI floor cntroller to drive an EDP and SX700
> so the rack option gives me one less box on the floor.
> However, I do rather like the immediacy of patch selection on a floor
> based unit (especially when a jam suddenly takes a new direction)
> plus I can use my favorite stomp boxes in the send/return loop
> without too much extra cabling.
> Opinions - please.
> More help please - if people are using multiFX wiht stereo outs
> together with an EDP, how are you wiring this?
> My current set-up goes:
> Guitar ===> FloorFX(stereo) ===> Preamp ========> MIXER ===> Reverb
>                                    |                ^       (stereo)
>                                    |FX send(mono)   |           |
>                                    |                |           |
>                                   EDP ===> rackFX(stereo)       PA
>                                                              (stereo)
> Ok, the easy solution is to buy (if I could) another echoplex and
> keep stereo throughout. I'm also thinking of swapping my mixing desk
> for a rack unit to keep the whole thing more mobile. Again, a rack
> FX processor might make things more portable but a floor unit can
> be used alone for non-looped/low FX  gigs and with MIDI in I can
> always stick it in/on the rack and drive it from the floor controller.
> Will someone please (only just avoided use of caps. lock) tell me
> what to buy. When I just had a line of stomp boxes the answer was
> simple - another stomp box, todays technology has fucked my head.
> Jim Carter
> University of Bristol
> Cantock's Close
> Bristol BS8 1TS
> UK
> Tel - 0117 9289934
> FAX - 0117 9293746
> e-mail jim.carter@bris.ac.uk