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FS/T: Votex, TC Sustain/Para EQ

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Hello everyone...  a couple quasi-loopy things that are begging to be let 
out of my closet:

Lexicon Vortex
bought from the showroom of a Guitar Center in the Bay Area.  It has rack
scratches, a cracked LCD panel and no manual or box (i'll throw it in my
lost Jamman's box for ya), but is in perfect working order.

TC Electronics Sustain/Parametric EQ pedal
This is the official Bill Frisell pedal. Gives your guitar the infamous
warm, pleasing, round sound. Also has a very useful parametric eq and a
goofy little distortion switch that gives you a couple extra overtones you
can only really hear when cranked up loud as heck.  I think I also heard
Eric Johnson covets these things... Anyways, it was bought used with no
manual/box/anything, and has a ton of scratches on the top that I didn't 
there.  These things are very out of production, very sturdy and extremely

I would really like to trade either of these for a Mackie 1202, but i'll
take any offers.
Send offers to lowfrqcy@west.net.
Thank you!