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Re: Phasers on Stun

In 1980 I picked up an MXR Phase 100 (a few more settings than the Phase 
to use with my Fender Rhodes.  I always loved the warm, clean, fat sound it
lent to the Rhodes, especially the "Leslie" effects that it could produce.
Nearly 20 years later it still sounds great.  If you can turn one up I'd
definitely recommend it.  I had used a borrowed Phase 90 around the same
time and liked it very much as well.

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From: Michael S. Yoder <myoder@tamiu.edu>
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Date: Saturday, August 14, 1999 2:23 PM
Subject: Re: Phasers on Stun

>Hello loopy loopers!
>Would those of you who have experience with phase shifters (a.k.a.
>"phasers") please offer me a little advice:
>Which is better in terms of reliability and recording sound quality
>(noise), the MXR Phase 90 or the Electro-Harmonix (Sovtek) Small Stone?
>I've found that the phaser that's built into the Zoom 2100 is a little too
>"digital" sounding for my taste.
>Cheers (or "LOL" as Lee-ohki would say),
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