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Re: Live sequencing.

My kids discovered the wonders of looping also. I hooked up a mic to my rig
and let them make all kinds of wonderful noise. I hooked up my RP6
multi-effect so they could pitch-shift their voices. My 4 year old daughter
inadvertently dropped her voice a couple of octaves, making her sound like
something from the 7th level of hell! This scared her half to death. She
cried for half an hour and hasn't been in my studio since. I hope I haven't
damaged her for life.

> Future Perfect wrote:
> > repeating'. Interesting. Any other loopers have  non-musicians 'catch
on' to
> > whats happening?
> My kids!  Since i got my loopers out again, my kids (five year old
> twins) figured out that it makes "echoes", and started playing with
> them.  They'll ask me to plug in and turn on everything, then make up
> little loops for themselves with the Echotron or Jamman.
> -dave