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Re: EDP Couch Control-Not Again!

Aside from the disappointment of thinking they were gonna be pictures we
hadn't seen before, I was impressed by the customised Steiny. A friend of
mine once duct-taped a Casio to his Les Paul (it sounded great through his
quarter-acre pedalboard, BTW), but this blows that away!

Anyone else out there using unusually-configured gear, re-positioned
controls, oddball racks, Rube Goldberg loopers? Any strangely evolving rigs
resulting in a higher degree of loop-friendliness? Any incongruous mixes of
high and low tech? Particularly original and/or well laid-out pedalboards
or any cool mods in general?


At 03:28 PM 8/13/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Sorry for this repost. Server delayed it by about
>a week or so??? Also sorry for offending anyone.
>I'm shutting up now...
>randy jones