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Boomerang, Line 6, etc.

        it seems as if there's MANY people interested in the boomerang i
am thinking about selling. i might decide to just keep it (BECAUSE I
FREAKIN LOVE IT), but i may be able to get whoever wants one a rang for a
bit cheaper than the going rate. you see i work at guitar center, and i
can get good deals. i can even sell them through the guitar center with a
substantial discount to you. 
        also, many of you may not know about the company called Line 6,
but they make amps that have modeling of other amps built in, so you get a
wealth of different tones. well they sell a preamp with all the goodies of
the amps but optimized, and believe it or not this little thing sounds
AMAZING and pros are using it to record everything, and tossing their
thousands of dollars worth of now-obsolete studio stuff. this little
preamp is called the POD, and we sell TONS of them for $299. it is a
relatively new device, and now LINE 6 is making more toys. there's a
version of the POD due out that's gonna be a floorboard model, and also
three other pedals are due out in october. one that cought my eye is the
green one. i think it's the Line 6 DL-2 or something like that. well what
it is is a floorboard deal with 4 or so buttons on it, and it is a
modeler, or an emulator of sorts of all kinds of digital and analog
delays. some of the settings were ECHOPLEX, and JAMMAN. well you can bet
your sweet bippy that i'm gonna be one of the first to own this loveable
creature, and if enough people are interested, i could take a list of
people interested to the Line 6 rep ---who i met today---... and maybe we
can all do a big preorder for a killer price or something.