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Re: Line-6 DL4 - MPX-G2

Line6 tech support told me recently that their stompers will ship in about 
months. I bet these folks will prove more reliable than DOD or EH.

I got my G2 from J&S Music for around $1000. The JamMan feature seems to 
fine (I'm using an FC-200 with three additional DP-2 momentary switches to 
run it), but I've been disappointed with the unit as a more generic 
long-delay device, as mentioned here before. There's 20 sec of mono delay 
memory, which should  also be configurable as 10-sec stereo delay. 
Unfortunately, there's an acknowledged bug that turns stereo delay into 
ping-pong delay above about 5.3 sec. Lex told me they have no plans to fix 
this. Worse, in my efforts to set up looping delays from scratch, using 
pedals to control feedback and input (which I prefer to the overly complex 
and limiting JamMan arrangement), I've encountered overload problems after 
about three layers...not a problem with the JamMan algo, btw...anyone 
more G2 info/opinions, feel free to PEM me at dcoffin@taunton.com...or 
post here, and I'll tellya what I can.