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Re[2]: Line-6 DL4 - anyone tried it yet?


I'm still the hapy owner of two Jam Men, but I love my pair of Plexes more
and more each day. Save your money. Buy the best.

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>Subject: Re: Line-6 DL4 - anyone tried it yet?
>Author:  MAILHUB.GWIA:"Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com" at Grpwsepo
>Date:    8/12/99 3:25 PM
>      Date:  08/12/1999  03:25 pm  (Thursday)
>      From:  "Dennis W. Leas" <dennis@mdbs.com>
>        To:  MAILHUB.GWIA("Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com","dennis@mdb
>             s.com")
>   Subject:  Re: Line-6 DL4 - anyone tried it yet?
>>Any info is great!  I can afford about $500 for the unit, so
>>I'm up in the air about the EDP, Boomerang, and Akai...
>Dennis Leas

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