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Re: EDP Couch Control


thanks for remembering... The butt looper was
conceived when I was single. Now that I'm a live
in, the concept has to include one more orifice.
That made the name irrelevant, so the butt looper
has been reincarnated as the "Vibromuse". When
used in its dual mode, even without the guitar,
it still has a looping effect, albeit a short
one. Being male, I don't guess I'll get to proto
that one!  The Vibromuse, is still in the
conceptual stage, but it is towards the top of my
short list.  Any Shanghai, Hong Kong latex
wizards on this list?.

randy jones

--- Kim Flint <kflint@annihilist.com> wrote:
> love it! although, I found a better view on
> this page of your site:
> http://members.xoom.com/ranjones/home.htm
> so when will I get to try out that butt-looper
> prototype you've been
> working on?
> kim
> >staying on my heiney w/ my modified steiney
> >
> >
> >
> >randy jones
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