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Re: CC Controller tip (and ring)

While we are on this topic...

Can anyone comment on the DOD VCC1 volume pedal? They
sell for under $50, & I'm considering picking up a
couple of them. I'm particularly interested in using
them (with insert cable) as expression pedals.

Many thanks.


--- Future Perfect <artmusic@gte.net> wrote:
> I have found that the Erine Ball passive volume
> pedals work in place of a
> Roland EV5 (like on my Roland GI-10) ONLY if you use
> an *insert* cable, plug
> the stereo end into the device, and the RING of the
> cable into the 'IN' of
> the pedal, and the TIP of the cable into the 'OUT'
> of the pedal. Works fine
> for me.
> Dave Eichenberger- guitars.loops.devices
> http://home1.gte.net/artmusic/dave
> 'Future Perfect' - art music
> http://home1.gte.net/artmusic/

John Tidwell

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