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FS: DFX-94 (four second delay) $85

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DOD DFX-94 Sampler/Delay -$85

Asking Price: US$85
Condition: Mint
Age: N/A

       I have the DOD DFX-94 sampler/delay pedal in as new condition. This
pedal provides 4 seconds of clean and quiet delay time and has modes for
infinite looping
       and sample triggering. You can get some great effects out of this
box, from classic echo and long delays to wild, pitch changed chordal and
noise loops. It
       has the original box and manual......these arent made anymore and 
the cheapest way to get into a compact sampler for guitar and keys. I'm
asking $85 plus
       shipping(about $4 by priority mail).

Seller: Kevin Morrison,
E-mail: ultrevex@atl.mindspring.com (Profile)
Location: ATLANTA, GA
Post Date: 8/9/99