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Re: zoom 2100 looper/guitar effect processor

At 5:15 PM -0700 8/9/99, David Myers wrote:
>Thanks for the rundown on the 2100, which I'm seriously considering.  A
>BTW, I've downloaded the manual (why can't all manufacturers do this?!)
>and, for those concerned, "close enough to "Plex/Jamman" sound quality
>means 31.25 kHz sampling frequency, or approx. 13 kHz bandwidth; not too
>bad--certainly whups the Boomerang.

that 31.25KHz would be equal to Jamman. For accuracy's sake, Echoplex
samples at 41.4KHz (cd rate for dyslexics....) for about 19KHz audio
bandwidth. Interestingly, the headrush samples at the actual cd rate,


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