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Re: zoom 2100 looper/guitar effect processor

At 02:45 PM 8/9/99 EDT, the rocktologists wrote:
>In answer to your questions:
>We have the Zoom 2100, which we bought at the DEMO price of $109 in store 
>Musician's Friend. 
>Sound quality is good close enough to the Oberheim Echoplex or Lexicon
>that we can live with it.
>three five second dedicated pedals...
>one 16 second long loop...non divisible at CD quality...
>Extend looper to 32 non-divisible seconds but go to lower-fi Boomerang 
>sound quality....
>Edit a patch for near infinite delay so you just ad on loop over long 

Very good review of the Zoom 2100. . .very thorough, except for one detail
that might be important.  There *is* an infinite hold (looping) setting
that can go as long as 6 seconds.  Very, very easy to use.  You can "layer"
sounds onto the infinite loop, much like the Boomerang, by using one of the
onboard pedals.

Good value for someone who doesn't need a long amount of looping time.  As
the Rocktologists said, the sound quality is phenomenal.

Hope this helps.

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