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Re: Small Equipment Possibilities

Dear Todd,

    Have to concur, going with a Steinberger GL series (possibly two just 
case of string breakage) a GR-30, SH-075, or AX-100SB along with a rack 
with a reverb, mayhap an EFX rack unit, a MIDI Controller, and then some 
of powered mixer and set of PA Speakers is probably one of the lighter 
setups, I've ever seen on the one-man band thing, though I've seen a few 
where it was just a person and a single instrument, too, but for this 
let's face it, we're gonna be taking in a few extra pieces of equipment...
    On the Powered Mixer and PA Speakers, I've had some seriously good 
with the Carvin equipment.  Hope this helps.  
    Now, if only I could find a few reasonably priced Steinberger GL's...