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Re: Reznor's Folly

On Mon, 9 Aug 1999, Todd Madson wrote:

> After reading the message about Reznor's little problems at the first
> Lalapalooza (I believe this is the show where he went ballistic and 
> smashed a bunch of equipment and slugged his manager in the face and
> went near crazy - I read this in a weird interview with him.  Shows 
> what lack of sleep and fragile high-tech stuff breaking down in extreme
> conditions will do for you if you have no coping skills).
> Anyway, Trent could have saved himself a lot of trouble - instead of
> bring fragile DA88 digital equipment along to play the impossible to
> duplicate backing ambiences and such, he could have had custom burned
> CD-Rs of backing tracks brought along and had them played on a disc 
> player through the PA and played along. 

That Lollapalooza tour was back in the summer of 1991. At that time
affordable home CDR units were not due to hit the market until the fall.
The units available at that time were about the size of refrigerators and
cost around $100K. The "affordable" desktop units soon to be released were
a mere $6K a pop.

Options look different when viewed from a historical perspective!


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