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Small Equipment Possibilities

K. Douglas Baldwin wrote a message about doing a gig with a Roland D-50,
several amps, a PA, a marshall stack, a kitchen sink, and several large 
pack animals to carry it all.

I thought about the smallest possible amount of stuff to bring on a gig
and came up with this configuration:

Guitar: Steinberger (the little square one with no headstock),
FX Unit: Line 6 Pod (it's really small and sounds good)
Looper: Akai Headrush or Boomerang (the Akai is small, Boomerang less so)
Drum Machine: New ZOOM unit (could replace FX unit above)
Keyboard:  Tiny $100 casio with MIDI into more expensive sound module*

*Dave Torn has done this live!

The only problem would be the amplifier; even a Roland JC-77 is rather
heavy (not as heavy as the JC-120), but these amps are clean and loud
and would amplify the above nicely.

You could actually do okay with a rig like this and it wouldn't weigh
a lot and would work fairly well I would think.  Experiment!

Todd Madson
Musician, Mountain Biker, Stunt Kite Flyer, BeOS/MacOS/Linux/WinNt user.