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Computer Based Audio Loopers

Ken M asked if his hungry Pentium II 500 mhz (!) machine would be suitable
for loopage and effects.

Certainly - he just needs the right solution.  For instance, on my 180Mhz
PowerMac (6400/180 w/ 80 megs ram, 512k cache, multi-gig drives, etc.) I
am using Ken Mistove's "Procrastination" audio looper and it works great..

For those unaware it's basically four one minute delays and you can do 
all sorts of stuff that Fripp does with his four TC 2290 delays (Eventide
harmonizer units NOT included).

It's not like I could take this onstage easily (I could, but I have 
lugging heavy stuff - perhaps a laptop or somesuch) - but for a studio
solution it works fabulously.

Just the other day I took the intro to an Ozric Tentacles track I liked
and looped just the intro and then played around layered the intro so
it was seamless and had a lovely looped drone going for about an hour.

One of the next things I'll likely do is bring my guitar rack up from
the basement, along with the synths and do some guiter and synth loops
and put some MP3 files up on the website for you to hear.

Todd Madson
Musician, Mountain Biker, Stunt Kite Flyer, BeOS/MacOS/Linux/WinNt user.