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Re: 4track evil!

>  <<anyone have problems w/ tascam 4-tracks in the past? 

I've use a couple versions. My first (a porta 05) was bought used,
abused royally by myself, and I was still able to record complete albums
on it back in the day which have recently been trannsferred to CD and
sound great. lasted years later until I sold it still fully working to
go to a tascam 238 cassette 8-track. That is still going strong years
and 10+ albums later.

> i found this quote from trent reznor on the 'net: 
>  "One thing is certain: I'll never go back out with a fuckin' Tascam 
> deck which has the irritating problem of stopping whenever there's a 
> spike or anything. That has led to a few problems with us  onstage. " >>

Reznor is probably refering to the tascam DA88s he used early in NIN.
The most famous incident of these is when NIN took the stage at
Lolapalooza #1 in Arizona in 103 degree heat only to play ten minutes
with the aforementioned problems and then call it a day due to voltage
spikes. the equipment hd been baking in the sun most of the afternoon as

If you're not playing a huge PA in a violently hot environment complete
wth all sorts of complex electronic and amplification issues you're
probably ok using a Porta 07 or 424 in your home studio. If your unit is
stopping it may need an alignment or similar tuneup. Since tascam are a
big fish in the home recording world I'm sure there is a qualifies
technician around who can take a look and le you know what's up for a
reasonable price.

good luck!

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