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Re: EDP Problem?

probably a cracked solder joint in that LED's circuit....


At 5:45 PM -0700 8/7/99, Sebastian Woscoboinik wrote:
>I'm not sure what kind of problem is this, so I wanted to consult about it
>(may be someone could help me). I'm a user of TWO EDP, wich are in sync 
>MIDI. Both expanded to 198 seconds, and with their last update. The Record
>Led from one of my EDP, after a while of using it, happens to turn off. 
>when every function from the EDP's are working ok, that LED thasn't turn 
>as my other Echoplex does. All this started to happen two weeks ago, and
>everytime I star working with them everythin's fine, but after a while, it
>allways shows the same problem.
>Has anybody experienced anything similar? Is it telling me something that 
>don't know?
>thanks a lot.

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