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RE: Real-time DSP?

>I disagree:  *always* buy the fastest and best computer you can; it's not
>much more money and you get a more time out of it before Moore's law
>it obsolete and you have to upgrade/replace it.  Besides, figuring out 
>you can do with good equipment is half the fun of owning it!  I discovered
>that fact while going through puberty, by the way...

I disagree with your disagreement. Buy the second fastest, best computer.
This is where the really big price drop occurs, and it stays pretty current
a long time. Furthermore, buy a 2 processor motherboard but just one
processor. I am very happy I did this, because as soon as the DX drivers 
w2k come along, I'll be able to double my processor speed for a couple of
hundred bucks (practically) and keep my computer current even longer.

I discovered all this during puberty too, which wasn't nearly as fun as
yours, which also explains why my answer is so much better.