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Re: Live sequencing.

At 12:59 -0400 8/6/99, Lanpheer, James wrote:
> So, again, i wonder aloud, how many of you use sequencing in your gigs, 
> perhaps any tips that you've found to more successfully integrate it into
> your show so that its seamless (no 3 minute breaks to load up software
> etc..) and leaves room for improvisation (section lengths are not fixed 
> frames).

Well, "successful integration" is subjective :)  I've tried to keep the
canned parts down to backgrounds, without any obtrusive parts that make you
wonder, "who played that?"  It seems to need not to be a large part of the
mix, though that raises tricky questions of having it at least loud enough
that the humans can follow its time.

I've used Opcode's Vision (and its predecessor, Sequencer) live since 1986.
To address the problems you mention:

- Vision files can have large numbers of sequences in a document, so I have
one document containing the whole set.  No long load times, except when
loading my sampler (where I also try to have multiple songs in memory, when

- Frequently a sequence will come to a looping, or very long, section.
This makes it effectively variable-length, since I can press a key to
trigger another sequence (on the next measure boundary if necessary).


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