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Re: Live sequencing.


I'm using my new Yamaha RM1x sequencer to play along samplings and loops on

the unit is really excellent... great for live playing and improvisation...
no other seq has the same features... I've tested a lot of sequencers and
the RM1x is quite unique... you can modify in real time the whole structure
of the song if you need it... I use it often in open improvisation, free
"electronica" jams...

My setup is quite simple: the A3000 sampler is loaded with my own samples
and loops, the RM1x triggers them and I alternate between Stick/bass and 
buttons/knobs of the unit to play the electronica stuff in real time (cut
off/resonance, heavy processing, muting parts, patterns switching, etc.).

leo "waiting for its new Warwick Thumb fretless 6 strings" :)

At 12.59 06/08/99 -0400, you wrote:
>An informal poll:
>When doing your live looping gigs, i'm curious how much everyone is using
>canned sequenced materials?
>Reason i ask?  Just saw Michael Brook/Djivan Gasparyan at the
>newly-remodeled Gothic Theater in Denver.  I went to see the famed duduk
>player, not really to catch Brook, and while i REALLY enjoyed the duduk, 
>presentation left something to be desired...  I felt that there was alot 
>rough edges, mostly due to trying to integrate technology into the gig, 
>the fact that Brook is NOT the 'virtuoso guitarist' that the CD liner 
>to 'Black Rock' make him out to be...  Most of the sequenced stuff was
>really just loops, but the lengths of the sections were definitely
>programmed and just when they finally started to hit a groove, they moved
>on...  I don't know, in this case, they just relied TOO much on technology
>in my opinion, and there wasn't enough PLAYING...  (off my soapbox..)  Buy
>the record (which i like) and save the $$, unless you wish to see the
>legendary Gasparyan (you won't be disappointed in him).
>So, again, i wonder aloud, how many of you use sequencing in your gigs, 
>perhaps any tips that you've found to more successfully integrate it into
>your show so that its seamless (no 3 minute breaks to load up software
>etc..) and leaves room for improvisation (section lengths are not fixed 
>Jim Lanpheer.