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RE: Live sequencing.

I do not use any sequencing, but an interesting thing happened last night. 
saw a few bands play at a place round here in Clearwater, and the room is
usually a quiet listening room. However, the middle band, which was 2 guys
and a few keyboards, started playing some New Wave-y Depeche Mode sounding
stuff, with drums and bass sequenced, and only small melodies and the 
being live. THe crowd immediately started talking and not paying attention
(and they were definately not a roomful of musicians). Maybe the music was
boring (I liked it...), but maybe the reaction was to the sequences too.
Possibly the crowd likes to watch things being made on stage, who knows.
On another note, I have been suprised by how many non-musicians understand
live looping when they see it. I have gotten reactions llike 'I saw you 
something, and you steped on something, and the thing you played kept
repeating'. Interesting. Any other loopers have  non-musicians 'catch on' 
whats happening?

Dave Eichenberger- guitars.loops.devices
'Future Perfect' - art music

> I use pre sequenced drum loops and some synth stuff, mostly drones and a
> few samples, but I improvise all the bass, and guitar stuff live.  It's
> too easy to start seeming like Fripp and Eno kareoke.
> Mark