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RE: I new looper in the SF area

I lived in Hayward for four years and although it does indeed suck, it's
like eden compared to Union City.  Don't forget to stop in a Buffaloe 
(A street or C street) if your in the Hayward area again.  It's one of the
original brew pubs.  La Imperial (C Street or A Street) also makes a great
super burrito.  Being back on the east coast leaves me pineing for a decent
plate of mexican food.  My stomach is rumbling at the thought.  Maybe I'll
go loop the sounds (feeble attempt to bring some topicality to this post).

I'm also checking my mail box daily for LD numero uno. I Can't wait!!!!

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> Subject: Re: I new looper in the SF area
> Hey,
> After spending a day looking at apartments in Hayward,
> Alameda looked like
> Heaven.  Get me to Starbucks and don't spare the cream!
> Mark