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Re: MIDI Foot Controllers and Us (slightly off-topic)

At 11:40 AM -0700 8/5/99, Phaedebk@aol.com wrote:
>Dear all,
>    Well, it's time to start asking silly user questions...  I'm needing 
>snag a MIDI Foot Controller for use with my Roland GR-30 and also with an
>EDP, ... any suggestions?  I was looking at the ART X-15, ART X-21 or the
>Digitech Control One, any comments or better choices out there?  I'm still
>quite open to suggestions and still looking around, ... and yeah, trying 
>keep the pricetag in the middle $300.00's USA or less of course!  ;)

The only midi footpedals pedals out there with full midi features seem to
be the Rocktron AllAccess, Digitech PMC-10, and Roland FC-200. I think the
Lake Butler Mitigator is too, but I haven't ever seen the full specs on it.
Oh, maybe there's the Bradshaw unit too, although I imagine the Roctron is
essentially the same thing. The Rocktron is probably the best, but most
expensive. The Roland has tons of features, including a really complete
midi implementation, built in expression pedal, and six(!) expression pedal
inputs, but the impossibly lame oversight of a 2 digit numeric display and
limited memory. The digitech pmc-10 is just right - cheap used, full
featured, well designed.

Most of the other midi pedals out there just send midi program change and
some limited continuous controllers. They're only intended for simple patch
switching on rack multieffects, which won't be enough for what you want.
steer clear of them, look for the good stuff. good luck,


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