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Re: Continuous Control

Mark Kunzmann spake thusly:
> Hey Elaine -- as far as I know the RFC-1 will allow you to use several
> footpedals (6?) to send MIDI CCs. Apart from that it is apparently a
> very powerful pedalboard which can deal with all manner of MIDI data. I
> can't give you any detail because I don't own one (- wouldn't turn one
> down though). I've tried to track down Lake Butler Sound but I think
> they went out of business some time ago. Anyways, if you can find one of
> these I don't think you'll be disappointed. I've copied part of a
> message posted by someone here last week about this guy who's selling
> one...

Ah, the MIDI Mitigator!  The keyboard player in my prog band has one
that he used to use to control his rig.  It sits unused since Bob
consolidated everything into one K2500XS fully loaded.  But before he
stopped using it, I found one at a local music store for $75 as is.
This was early 1996 while I was preparing for a local production of
JCSuperstar as lead guitar in the pit orch.  I sent the unit in to Lake
Butler.  They said they had left the music biz but continue to support
their old music products.  They fixed my pedals (the MIDI communications
electronics blow out under power surges!) and, for a little extra
cash, applied the (4x?) memory upgrade.

I used the Mitigator during superstar but I only needed it to send out
program changes.  And that's the last time I used it, being a bass player
most of the time whose (bass) rig is non-MIDI.  I'm saving it because it
can be programmed with note ons to play synths, samplers, etc. separate
from note offs.  There is one FC input as I recall.  I'd have to check,

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