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Re: HD Audio delay

Sean, VisionDSP probably has a memory buffer setting somewhere (I'm used 
to ProTools and haven't used Vision for quite some time).  If you set the 
buffer to the lowest possible size you'll get much less delay.  Reset it 
to higher values after recording so you can use more plug-ins.  Also, 
don't use any plug-ins in real-time.  They will inevitably cause delays.


8/4/99 5:22 PM   Sean Witters (seanwitters@hotmail.com) wrote:

>I'm using a 400Mhz Powerbook G3 w/ 192 megs RAM and a 6GB hard drive 
>Opcode VisionDSP and I've noticed an increased delay between the acutal 
>played and the note being recorded. I'm using the 16bit audio in and 
>the G3 enhanced Acadia/Soundmanager for my Audio source.  Any help here?  
>I'm getting really frustrated.  I just added some VST pluggins, might 
>be the source?
>Thanks, Sean

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