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Didja miss me?

Hey kids!  I used to be on this list way back when Kim first started it
(my address then was dstagner@icarus.net).  Then i gave up looping (and
all noisemakers electronic) for a while, and delved into acoustic
guitar. But a few weeks ago, i bought myself a nice little pink
Stratocaster, plugged in the Echotron, the Vortex, and the JamMan,

Ghod, how i've missed looping!

Anyway, i gots a question for other Vortex users... can you recommend a
good expression pedal that gets a full-range sweep?  I'm currently using
a modified ADA expression pedal, but i can't get a full sweep out of
it.  Right now, it sweeps from 64 down to 15 or so.  If i mess with it,
i can get it to sweep lower, but only by giving up the full sweep to
64... so far, i've found it more useful to sweep all the way up than all
the way down, but it's still irritating.  :(  Have any of you found
something off-the-shelf that works really well?