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RE: I new looper in the SF area

Welcome to the Bay Area.


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> From: Mark Sottilaro [SMTP:msottila@mailbox.syr.edu]
> Sent: Wednesday, August 04, 1999 11:01 AM
> To:   Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
> Subject:      I new looper in the SF area
> Hey all,
> We made it!  The webpage proved harder to do from the road than I
> thought, but it's comming soon.  Anyway, I'm staying with a friend in San
> Jose for now, but soon I'll be settled in Alameda.  I'm really looking
> forward to meeting the indiginous loop live here (as well as transplanted
> loopers such as my self).  My web access is a little spotty, but I'll try
> to reply to anyone that wants to jam.
> So anyway, Hello!
> Mark Sottilaro