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Re: Visual Volume

After posting my recommendation for it, I saw a few mention it's tendency 
get scratchy easily.  I also had this problem and called the main guy at 
Visual Sound (I think Robert Weil was his name, or something close).  He 
me send it in and replaced the pot free of charge, even though I told him 
bought it used.  Leads me to believe there was an upgrade in the part he 
using since mine was manufactured, but I haven't had a problem since and 
was a year or two ago.  He did recommend using a can of compressed air to 
clean it out if it does develop static, and that the aerosol-type contact 
electronic parts cleaners they sell can actually make matters worse.

As for someone who posted actually losing a lot of high frequencies, I can 
assure you mine is so vastly superior to almost any other I've tried (the 
small Rolls one did a somewhat transparent job but doesn't go down to 
absolute zero) that it was immediately noticeable and worth hassling over 
getting the pot replaced.

So, maybe my previously enthusiastic endorsement should be tempered with 
caveat that there does seem to be some inconsistency among these units.

Ken R