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RE: 16 track 1 space mixer?

> I'm very satisfied with the Midiman Micromixer 16, basic but quiet =>
> pros:
> * 1/2 rack space
> * 18 channel (12 + 3 stereo pairs)
> * stereo output
> * for each channel: vol, pan, send1, send2
> * 2 aux sends
> * headphone output
> * very light weight
> * in your price range
> cons:
> * no EQ
> * tiny knobs instead of faders

Just bought one of these.  Only problem is that it uses a 9V AC adaptor, 
and I'm
having problems sourcing one.  I'm trying to wire 2 jacks off my JamMan
wallwart - and hoping this doesn't overload the transformer!  The 2 aux 
are a godsend - I have the GT5 in one and JamMan in the other.  The ONLY 
I have is that the headphone output is on the front rather than the back 
all the other connectors), which is a pity.

> I just found that Sound Sculpture (the Switchblade company) has
> a device that converts guitar controls and/or volume into MIDI
> continuous control messages.  It's called "MidiUp" and you can
> find it at:  http://www.soundsculpture.com

I've just remembered something I planned to do with my GT5 when I got it - 
wire my guitar's tone pots into the GT5's two CC inputs.  In fact, I'll 
the GT5's remarkable CC setup - not only has it got one CC pedal (which is
totally programmable), it has stereo jacks for another two.  All three 
hare totally assignable to all functions, including on-off at various 
points in
the sweep.  And there's more - a control pedal which can switch a load of
functions in the current patch, including the assigned functions of the CC
pedals.  So you can use the CC pedal to change the pedal from vol to wah, 
example.  I've set up a patch in which the control pedal changes the 
function of
the distortion, preamp, speaker simulator and EQ to change from huge-reverb
acoustic to saoring distortion.  It's my "Matthias Grob" preset.  :)