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Re: Continuous Control

At 8:52 AM -0700 8/3/99, Mike Biffle wrote:
>"Elaine Walters" <ew37@bellsouth.net> wrote...
>> The (cc) idea makes perfect sense, but how to implement it??
>On my PMC-10 I regularly use an entire bank for control of my Waldorf 
>filter. One button configures the two pedals to control volume-resonance 
>cutoff. Another config controls LFO speed and depth. Yet another modifies
>parameters attack and sustain... these are all just changing the cc values
>the pedals control. Another button toggles my relay switcher to switch the
>filter in or out. I'm doing another bank for EDP control right now...

yeah, I do that too. Actually, I've recently had to create several echoplex

>> I wonder how it could be used in conjunction with the Ground Control  
>ie I
>> wonder how I could use ONLY the CC from the Rolls, and keep the Ground
>> doing all the preset switching (with this the Rolls wouldn't even need
>>to be
>> on the floor, it could stay in the rack).  Would this be an issue for a
>> mixer type device (which I know little to nothing about)???   Hmmmm.

midi merge is what you want. I think Anatek makes tiny midi merge boxes.
Or, if you had a REAL midi pedal, like say a digitech PMC-10, it would have
a midi-in jack and do the midi merge for you. Then you could plug another
device into your pedal for it to mix the data and send it to your other
devices... :-)

>Once you say you're willing to get off the floor there's several
>interesting and
>different controllers out there.
>1. Peavey PC1600x is a 16 fader/switch controller with each fader and 

etc....  don't forget the Buchla Thunder! http://www.buchla.com


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