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Re: Continuous Control

"Elaine Walters" <ew37@bellsouth.net> wrote...
> The (cc) idea makes perfect sense, but how to implement it??  

On my PMC-10 I regularly use an entire bank for control of my Waldorf 
filter. One button configures the two pedals to control volume-resonance 
cutoff. Another config controls LFO speed and depth. Yet another modifies 
parameters attack and sustain... these are all just changing the cc values 
the pedals control. Another button toggles my relay switcher to switch the 
filter in or out. I'm doing another bank for EDP control right now...

> I wonder how it could be used in conjunction with the Ground Control  ie 
> wonder how I could use ONLY the CC from the Rolls, and keep the Ground 
> doing all the preset switching (with this the Rolls wouldn't even need 
>to be 
> on the floor, it could stay in the rack).  Would this be an issue for a 
> mixer type device (which I know little to nothing about)???   Hmmmm.

Once you say you're willing to get off the floor there's several 
interesting and
different controllers out there.

1. Peavey PC1600x is a 16 fader/switch controller with each fader and 
programmable. You can assign any fader to become a master fader which can 
be programmed to control any number of other faders. There's two inputs on 
rear for expeds and switches. It has storable config presets so you could 
several variants. I could see having a master programming config for each 
of my 
dsps as well as performance configs which have a few cc's or pc's for each 
This is one of those blank canvas type of devices which allows you to do 
whatever you please...

2. Korg KAOS pad... I believe this thing sends midi so it could be useful 
tweaking you dsps. Someone mentioned that it's not very programmable 
though so 
careful study of what it actually does do is important. 

3. The Phatman controller is a bank of knobs with dedicated 
non-programmable cc 
assignments. Assuming your dsp's allow you to choose the cc which controls 
given parameter, you could use this. (My Waldorf stuff has fixed cc 
so my controller has to be programmable to get control of it.)

4. Then there's stuff like the Dimension Beam infrared controllers as well 
Infusion Systems I-cube which is a midi digitizer module with inputs for a 
range of sensors like proximity, pressure, light, velocity, deflection 
etc. I 
have no idea what the cost of these babies are, but I'm getting pretty 
interested in using a proximity or velocity sensor to get away from having 
ride a pedal.The Synthzone site has a midi controllers area which lists 
most of 
these that I've mentioned as well as quite a few others.


Admittedly, the Rolls with 8 controller inputs followed by Roland FC-200 
with 6?
are the two pedal hogs for floor control. I'd like to know more about how 
programmable the Rolls is... can anyone tell us more?