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Continuous Control

>>It sounds like you're missing about 18 feet and $900 worth of volume
>>pedals.  Plus, another six feet of floor space to deploy all of hardware.
>>Wouldn't it be easier to use a conventional MIDI controller with two CC
>>pedals built in, and use the switches to change what parameter was
>>assigned to each CC pedal?

The idea makes perfect sense, but how to implement it??  As of now I'm 
the Ground Control.  I've got two volume inputs that can be asigned to any
two parameters (of any device) of my choice.  The only thing else the 
Control can do is switch presets.  Are you talking about setting up 
versions of the same preset within a given device, each with a different
parameter linked to one of the CC units??  That's doable, but I just think
it would be so much more flexible, user friendly, and fun to have a bank
(ok, not TOO many) of volume pedals that you can operate almost as faders 
a mixing desk.  Label them, and you would have an immediate visual 
while playing with the sound.  Any thoughts??
BTW, the Rolls midi pedal (mentioned previously) seems like the best bet 
with 8 continuous control inputs.  I wonder how it could be used in
conjunction with the Ground Control  ie I wonder how I could use ONLY the 
from the Rolls, and keep the Ground Control doing all the preset switching
(with this the Rolls wouldn't even need to be on the floor, it could stay 
the rack).  Would this be an issue for a MIDI mixer type device (which I
know little to nothing about)???   Hmmmm.