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In defence of wall warts

A fable:

In olden days, when the sun always shined, minsrels roamed the land, 
music wherever they went.  Many sang, or played lutes and harps, but some
clued-up musicians obtained the latest sagely effects and would astound the
public with their alfresco displays of misical wizardry.  And how was this
achieved?  The FX boxes were all designed to run off 12VDC, ie a wall wart.
However, the minstrels realised that a big 12V battery - a car battery for
example - would suffice, and it enabled them to play their music wherever 

Or, to put it another way; lasy weekend I bought the GT5 (internal 
fixed cable) and a Midiman 18-channel mixer (9V AC, not DC) to go with my 
(also 9V AC).  Or to put it another way, I'm never going to be playing 
more that
6' from the nearerst socket...