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Re: active/passive volume & controll

>My experience is that the Visual Volume (not an active pedal--the power
>supply is for the LED display only) has the least coloration of signal, 
>that may not be what you want if you're accustomed to standard volume 
>which tend to attentuate the highs as volume is decreased.

Visual Sound had a great idea with their Visual Volume pedal....however,
they don't make them anymore.  I guess the idea didn't catch on.  Contrary
to the posts here, my Visual Volume pedal is definitely *not*
transparent...it has a definite roll off in the high frequenices....and
after only a few months of light use, the pot is already scratchy.  In 
words, I'm still waiting for that perfect volume pedal.


Matthew F. McCabe
Finley Sound Design