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Re: hum

You've probably already thought of this, but have you tried something like
Humfrees? They're "rack isolation tabs"; basically non-conductive washers
that break ground loops by isolating the chassis of each rackmount device
from the rack and from each other. 

Could it be an RF thing? Do you still get the hum if you change the
position of your effects in the rack relative to each other, a different
stack order? Where are your wall warts, if any? Do any of your mains run
too close to signal-carrying cables?


At 06:03 PM 8/1/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Any advice on this problem ..
>My Echoplex seems to be inducing hum into my effects
>processor (zoom 9020) which I have mounted above it in my rack. If I
>completely disconnect the EP from the mains the hum stops, if it's
>connected ,even though it may be turned off it still causes hum thru
>the effects.
>Is it an earth loop thang ? I'm on 240v here if that makes a diff ..
>any suggestions ?
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