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Roland VS Range / Akai Headrush

>Hi, VS-1680 user here.  The 1680 is definitely good enough to make CDs on.

>Personally, I love the VS platform.  It's stable, portable, easy to use 
>you have a little practice, and sounds great.
>rj lamphear

Hi Folks,

I would also endorse Roland's VS range of recorders. I own a VS-840,
which despite being the baby of this 'virtual' family is a powerful tool
featuring excellent on-board effects, enough to satisfy this Looper's
thirst for sonic possibilities.

I can easily achieve professional results with this unit, which stand up
well against most 'professional' CDs.

On a different note, I finally took delivery of my Headrush pedal last
week (the first UK batch!) Not too much to add to the previous comments
& reviews at this time, however I can report that I have not experienced
any audible clicks as had previously been discussed on this list :-)


Lee Fletcher