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Re: active/passive volume & controller pedal

Hey there, Michael,

    The first majour difference betwixt active and passive volume pedals 
be the active pedals all use some form of power supply in order to add a 
of amplification to the line level, whereas a passive volume pedal won't.  
better analogy would be a passive volume pedal would act more like the 
control on your guitar, whereas the active would be a little bit more like 
the volume control on your pre-amp.  

    I understand that this isn't totally 100% on the ball as far as how 
work internally, but this is just the quick explanation for it.  
I prefer the passive volume controls and use one both at the begainning of 
the effects loop and at the end (should I have the spare).  This has more 
do with using line level effects in my effects loop and also because I'd 
rather not deal with something loosing it's battery on me during a gig...  
Been there once and didn't have a spare...

    As far as I can tell you there are a few differences betwixt a volume 
pedal and an expression pedal, mostly having to do with one is a mono or 
of mono inputs, and the other is going to be at least a single stereo 1/4" 
and maybe some mono inputs, too.  The latter pedal will control more than 
just the overall volume of an effect or keyboard, and really matters upon 
pre-programming and effects/voices being run.  Typically, I tend to set 
to velocities and frequencies of the voice.  Just makes things easier from 
playing stand point.

    Your last question, I really can't answer off the top of my head, ... 
typically I'm the only one on stage, and I tend to use the tuner that is 
either my Zoom 2100 or a Korg DT-1...  Now that I have a GR-30, I'll 
be using it instead.  One thing you may want to look for in a tuner is 
something that is rack mountable and bypassible.  Hope this helps out.