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Re: Live Real Time Guitar Effects

Jenni Leeds wrote:
    Hello everybody. Lately I've been searching for certain guitar sounds that "normal" effects units do not give. I need some information. Where are some good places to look for new, creative sounds (without giving away too many free secrets). I'm waiting on a vortex and echoplex, both on layaway...;)
And that's a higher priced spread than I've ever owned, so I may not be the one to comment appropriately, but...
    I recently tried out a spacestation. The strings were a cool sound but the others were kind of lacking. Is a Roland GR-09 what I think? Some sort of live way of playing samples through one's guitar or string ensembles...this is more what I'm searching for...like a nice tone generator controlled by a guitar for sweet, swelling atmospheres.
A tone generator controlled by a guitar is probably a MIDI guitar, eh? I personally prefer using analog effects to "imitate" other timbres, like rolling the tone back, addind distortion and doing volume swells to get string sounds. Found a great flutey sound with just a Microverb and a Whammy pedal yesterday.
    I would love if some of you that are more knowledgeable would share your knowledge on this subject with us. I'm not officially a looper until I get my gear...I can't wait. Influenced by Seefeel...for the longest time I had no idea they created as a guitar, drums, bass outfit. Wow. And I'm out....
Who is Seefeel? I'd love to check them out. Feel free to point towards others who get something like the sound you're looking for, and I'll bet many of us will dive in with our inflated two-cent's worth.