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Re: More Roland VS info

> So you're saying the quality is good enough to cut CDs, eh?  I don't need
> Anita Baker Million Dollar Jazz Paradise quality sound, but I don't want 
> shlocky, canny CD that sounds like an old Misfits bootleg recorded onto a
> microcassette stuffed in some stoner's pocket either.

Hi, VS-1680 user here.  The 1680 is definitely good enough to make CDs on.
If you'd like an example of what it can do, check out Victor Wooten's
(bassist for Bela Fleck Flecktones) new solo CD, "Yin Yang".  It was
recorded and mixed completely on the 1680 and its internal effects card.
I've heard a lot of great sounding semi pro and amateur work done on the VS
but this is the first "major" artist I'm aware of who has released VS

Personally, I love the VS platform.  It's stable, portable, easy to use 
you have a little practice, and sounds great.

rj lamphear