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Live Real Time Guitar Effects

    Hello everybody. Lately I've been searching for certain guitar sounds that "normal" effects units do not give. I need some information. Where are some good places to look for new, creative sounds (without giving away too many free secrets). I'm waiting on a vortex and echoplex, both on layaway...;)
    I recently tried out a spacestation. The strings were a cool sound but the others were kind of lacking. Is a Roland GR-09 what I think? Some sort of live way of playing samples through one's guitar or string ensembles...this is more what I'm searching for...like a nice tone generator controlled by a guitar for sweet, swelling atmospheres.
    I would love if some of you that are more knowledgeable would share your knowledge on this subject with us. I'm not officially a looper until I get my gear...I can't wait. Influenced by Seefeel...for the longest time I had no idea they created as a guitar, drums, bass outfit. Wow. And I'm out....