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Re: Re: New looping pedal--Line 6 DL-4 Delay Modeler.

I cut that out of rec.audio.pro

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From: "Lyle Caldwell" <caldwell@bellsouth.net>
Subject: NAMM Stuff
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I won't bore you all with details (Mike does that much better than I -
but I saw a few really cool thingeys at NAMM I thought you guys/gals
be interested in.
First, Line 6 (bear with me) has two great stompboxes coming out later
year that should have potential far and above their guitar-oriented
One does echoes/delays/phrase sampling, and the other does modulation
effects (Leslie, chorus, Univibe, etc).  Both are digital, but use
"modelling" (I know, that's this year's buzzword) to emulate well-known
devices.  As biased as I am against Line 6 (I hate their amps and the
these new toys sound just unbelievably great.  Really.  The Echoplexes
(solid state and tube) are simply the most convincing I have ever head
for a real Echoplex in good condition.  You can even do all the Page
where you speed up/slow down the speed while playing.  Great Space Echo,
too, and the slapback is perfect.  I could go on, but it's amazingly
sounding, has 4 presets available at a time, tap tempo, and an
pedal that brings the unit alive.
The modulation box is just as good, with stellar Leslie, Uni Vibe, and
chorusing.  Again, 4 presets and an expression pedal.
About $280 for each, true stereo, true bypass.  Check them out.


and in a later message same subject 

"Lyle Caldwell" <caldwell@bellsouth.net>
Cost.  Most guitarists won't pay that much.  Anyway, the Line 6 delay
does up to 14 seconds of sampling.  That's enough to get a pretty cool
phrase in.  And it lets you modify the sample on playback, changing
and time with the CC pedal.  You can also retrigger the sample, so that
starts again whenever you want, so you can change the phrasing.  You can
also turn off the sample and then retrigger it later in the song.
But you're right, the built-in 128MB sampler would be tres cool.

"Lyle Caldwell" <caldwell@bellsouth.net>
Lyle Caldwell

Psionic Music
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