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Re: old echoplex

At 12:30 PM -0700 7/23/99, Bobdog wrote:
>it's interesting how upset non-conservatives get when a conservative
>uses his freedom of speech.

and vice-versa. This particular guy, after getting whatever criticism there
was from someone this morning, sent me some whiney private mail-rant about
how horrible all the people on our list are, and promptly unsubscribed. I
thought this was real funny. :-) So naturally, asshole button-pusher that I
am, I flamed the crap out of him for whining at me when I had nothing to do
with it and couldn't care less. That just resulted in more pitiful whining.
Very, very funny!

So when exactly was it that "conservatives" dropped the John Wayne
tough-guy imagery and turned into a bunch of spineless crybabies? Was it
George Bush or Rush Limbaugh who started that? Anyway, it's really
unbecoming. (although, It's also really entertaining for people like me. 

BTW, freedom of speech only applies between a government and the people.
Doesn't have any meaning if there is no government involved, which is the
case for private organizations such as this. However, being a benevolent
yet apathetic dictator, I've granted you all the right to say whatever the
fuck you want, since I don't care to deal with it. But you never know when
I might change my mind, so stay on topic. ;-)


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