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Re: Boomerang FS $275, Harmony Central

I'm interested for the bent knob one if it WORKS FINE... will you 
that??? papadave55@hotmail.com          let me know soon....               
                  Santa Cruz Ca.

>From: "Travis Hartnett" <hartne.t@apple.com>
>Reply-To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
>To: "Looper's Delight" <Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com>
>Subject: Boomerang FS $275, Harmony Central
>Date: Fri, 09 Jul 1999 09:38:49 -0500
>Don't send me e-mail, use the address at the bottom of the ad:
>Boomerang Phrase Sampler
>Asking Price: US$275
>Condition: Good
>Age: N/A
>        Boomerang 4 meg. phrase sampler. Good condition except that the 
>knob is bent but works fine. I have 2 so must get rid of
>        one... If you would rather have the other one which is in 
>condition, Ill sale it for 375.00. Both work great.
>Seller: Zachary,
>E-mail: zachary@wf.net (Profile)
>Post Date: 7/8/99

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